WhatsApp Mark Read


Mark a WhatsApp message read by a specified phone number.

A common use-case is to mark a message sent from a user as read, e.g.:


When an event is received on the in port a WhatsApp message is attempted to be marked as read.

If the message is successfully marked as read, an event is routed to the success port. Otherwise, i.e. if an error occurs, an event is routed to the error port.

Input/Output Format

The event recieved on the in port is assumed to be an object. Further assumptions may be made by variable interpolation expressions in Settings -> Parameters.


An event routed to success generally conforms to the following format:

  "success": true

Please refer to the META documentation for more information.

An event routed to the error port may be of any format. The event does describe the error that occured.


This functions does not listen for, nor emits any events.


Correctly configured META App and META Buisness are required to utilise this functions. We have posted a guide on our blog describing how to configure both the LoLo and META side.