Tibber Live Data


Subscribe to Tibber Live data. When live data is published this trigger produces an event.

This could be used, for example, to notify when usage has exceeded some daily limit.


When live data is published by Tibber for the home specified in Settings -> Parameters an event is produced and routed to out.

If an error occurs, an event is produced and routed to the error port.

Output Format


Events routed to the out port are objects. Exactly which properties this object contains can be configured in Settings -> Parameters -> Event structure.

Please consult the Tibber LiveMeasurement docs for details.


Events routed to the error port can be any value, but in general describe the error that occured.


This function does not listen for, nor emits any events.


If the connection to the Tibber Live data API is lost, this trigger will attempt to re-establish it.