Lolo Code

Lolo Code's pricing is based on Lolo Compute Units or LCUs. A Lolo Compute Unit is one app with 256MB of RAM, i.e. one app with one replica. To scale apps you can add replicas. Each replica equates another LCU.

Lolo Code's architecture supports full horizontal scalability to scale out to huge parallel processing workload.

Free Tier



  • You can have unlimited amount of apps in your account.
  • There is a limit of 2 apps (2 LCUs) running concurrently in free tier.
  • Idle apps are stopped every 7 days to identify apps that are no longer active.
  • You can have unlimited Apps in your account as in free tier.
  • Each Lolo Compute Unit costs €9 a month which will let you run one app with one replica continuously.
  • Additional Lolo Compute Units are assigned to run additional apps continuously or to scale by adding replicas to your app.

Lolo also offers SLA, support and the ability to bring your own Kubernetes runtime on any cloud or on premise.

Contact sales from our website to find out more.

Programmable Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

At this time, the Programmable VPC is sold through direct sales engagements. Please contact sales from our website to find out more.