Function: Look Up Rows


Finds the index of the column the value is found in and appends it as a new column


This function searches for the specified value among the fields specified in the parameters and saves the field where the value was found to a new field. The search is performed for each event. The parameters specify the fields to search in, the value to search for, and the name of the new field where the result will be saved. If the value is not found in any field, null is stored in the new field.

Function Schema


Consider the case when we need to find out which field contains the value we are trying to find. The event has fields for the 'Requirements', 'Development', 'Testing', and 'Release' levels. Each field contains one of the statuses: 'Pending', 'In progress', 'Finished'. We need to find which levels contain the 'Finished' status. To do this, set the Range Column Start in the function parameters = 'Requirements', Range Column End = 'Release', Value To Find = 'Finished', New Column Name = 'finishedStage'. As a result, we get a new field 'finishedStage' which contains the name of the field 'Requirements'