Function: Date Comparsion


Compares dates in a field to another field of dates, or to a dynamically generated Today value


This function is useful for comparing a field in an event that contains a date with another field that contains a date or with the current time. In the function parameters, you can set the unit of measurement in which we want to get the time difference. The result of the calculation will be saved in the original event in a new field.
To compare one field with another, select the 'Existing field' comparison type and specify the field names. To compare with the current time, select the 'Current Date Time' comparison type.

Function Schema


As an example, we can consider the option when we want to find out how much time has passed since the event was created. Let's assume that each event has a 'created' field containing the creation time. Select New Field Name=timeDiff in the function parameters, Unit Of Measurement=Hours, Between Field=created, And=Current date time.
The result will be stored in the original event in 'timeDiff' field.